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Labor and Delivery

Consent for Newborn Hearing Test

Half of all infants born with severe hearing loss or deafness are in the WELL-baby population. Before state legislation requiring hearing tests on ALL infants (Universal Newborn Hearing Screening), these children were often NOT identified until age two, at which point it was too late for intervention to help. By testing ALL babies, with the goal of identifying those with a problem by age THREE MONTHS, these children can get intervention, develop speech and language almost equal to their normal-hearing peers, and be mainstreamed in the schools.

PLEASE have your infant tested! It is painless and quick (5 minutes in the crib on a sleeping baby) and required by law to be covered by your insurance policy. Please complete the form below in the Business Office. You may print a copy to bring with you.

For more information, read the frequently asked questions in the Resources for Parents on the Texas Newborn Hearing Screening Program on the Texas Department of Health web site.