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After Giving Birth

After delivering your baby, you will be moved into a private room on our postpartum unit to rest and recover. As soon as your physician allows, you may order something to eat and nurses will bring your baby to you in your room. The mother's support people are encouraged to act as the primary caregivers for her infant while in the hospital.

Our Well Baby Nursery is staffed with specially trained and highly experienced prenatal nurses who provide constant attention to each infant in their care. In keeping with our family-centered approach to childbirth, well babies join their mothers as soon as possible.

The Golden Hour

Skin-to-skin contact in the first hour of your baby’s life is called the Golden Hour. This time plays a key role in helping you and your baby become securely attached. Learn more about the Golden Hour at Memorial Hermann »

Medical Tests and Vaccines

Memorial Hermann’s expert staff will conduct key medical screenings after your child is born and request permission for vaccinations recommended by the CDC and the State of Texas. If you’re expecting a boy, circumcision will also be addressed. 

When a health-care provider gives your child an immunization, and you consent to registering this information, the statewide immunization registry, known as ImmTrac, is notified. Learn more about the information in the registry.

Download Patient Guide to Postpartum Care

You may also download a free copy of A New Beginning, Your Personal Guide to Postpartum Care anytime throughout your pregnancy or after. This booklet will help you prepare to care for yourself and your baby after birth including topics such as changes to expect after birth, breastfeeding, safe sleeping environment, and more. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you will approach your personal journey with confidence and a positive perspective.

Breastfeeding Support

Memorial Hermann’s team of skilled and knowledgeable board-certified lactation consultants provides a full spectrum of services to help mothers with questions regarding breastfeeding during and after your hospital stay. Learn more about our lactation support »

Complete Your BIOVIDEO

Offered in partnership with BIOVIDEO, Memorial Hermann offers a short video of the most touching moments of pregnancy leading up to your baby’s first days. Learn more »

Complete Your Birth Certificate Forms

Complete your birth certificate form and, if applicable, acknowledgement of paternity (AOP) before you leave the hospital. Visit our birth certificate information center »