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Anesthesia for C-Sections 

Whether you have general, spinal or epidural anesthesia for a cesarean birth will depend on your health and that of your baby and why the cesarean delivery is being done.

Anesthesia in Emergency C-Sections

In emergencies or when bleeding occurs, general anesthesia may be needed.

Anesthesia Options With Epidural Already in Place

If you already have an epidural catheter in place and then need a cesarean delivery, most of the time your anesthesiologist will be able to inject a much stronger drug into the same catheter to numb the entire abdomen for surgery.

Spinal Block

If you do not have an epidural in place, a spinal block is usually the first choice of anesthetic for a cesarean delivery. It is effective immediately. Although you should not feel pain, you may have sensations of “pulling, pushing and tugging” during the surgery.

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