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Labor and Delivery

Before You Go Home

After authorization by your obstetrician and pediatrician, you and your baby will be discharged from the hospital. Bring clothing, blankets and a car safety seat to take your newborn home.

Child Car Seat

State law requires all children under 4’9” and 100 pounds to be in a federally approved safety restraint device while traveling in a vehicle.

Learn more about Child Passenger Safety at the Texas Department of Public Safety website »

Find a child car seat inspection station near you »

Guidelines for Infant Security

The guidelines below provide good, sound parenting techniques that can also help prevent abduction of infants while in the hospital where your child is born and once you take the child home.

Infant Security - What Parents Need to Know »

Birth Certificate

The birth certificate is an individual’s only claim and proof of citizenship, identification and relationship to his or her parents. This document serves as the primary document for each of us to enter school, play little league sports, obtain a social security number and account, a driver’s license, a passport and lastly to prove we are citizens and are qualified to work in this country.

Birth Certificate Information »

Texas Immunization Registry (ImmTrac)

When a health-care provider gives your child an immunization, and you consent to registering this information, the statewide immunization registry, known as ImmTrac, is notified. ImmTrac will keep an electronic immunization record on your child.

Information on ImmTrac »