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Birth Certificate Information

Why is a Birth Certificate Important?

The birth certificate is an individual’s only claim and proof of citizenship, identification and relationship to his or her parents. This document serves as the primary document for each of us to enter school, play little league sports, obtain a social security number and account, a driver’s license, a passport and lastly to prove we are citizens and are qualified to work in the USA.

Get Started

At the hospital, you will be asked to complete the Mother’s Worksheet for Child’s Birth Certificate. You may begin the form at home or complete it during your stay.

The form will be completed and signed in Labor & Delivery after your baby is born. Download the worksheet in English or español.

If you are not married, the father's name may be completed on the certificate only if both parents sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity. Learn more about establishing paternity »


It is important to register the birth of your newborn with the Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics as soon as possible. 

If you deliver over the weekend, your baby’s birth certificate is not complete. You will need to return to the business office Monday through Wednesday by appointment only to review the final draft before it is submitted. Failure to appear will delay the documents, including your baby’s Social Security card.

Information for Unmarried Parents or Questions Related to Paternity 

If you are not married to the biological father of your child but you want to establish paternity on the baby, the Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) form must be completed. Please note that Form 1608 Acknowledgment of Paternity is voluntary.

If you are married to someone other than the biological father of the child, or have not been divorced more than 300 days your husband/ex-husband must complete the Denial of Paternity (DOP) section of the AOP. If the husband/ex-husband does not complete and sign the DOP, you cannot proceed with the AOP. Visit the Birth Certificate Clerk at Memorial Hermann to obtain information about the AOP form and instructions for completion.

This document must be signed with a witnessed signature by the Birth Registrar in the hospital’s business office, or the father’s information will not appear on the baby’s birth certificate. Current picture ID, birth certificate or passport (original only) is required for both parents to complete the form.

Acknowledging paternity for a child born to unmarried parents is very important. Learn more about the basics of paternity or get information at the Web site for the Attorney General of Texas.

Visit the Birth Certificate Clerk at your hospital to learn more or download the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) form for review before your visit to the business office.

Obtaining a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate 

Parents should be informed that Memorial Hermann does not aid in issuing certified copies of birth certificates. The information collected by the Birth Certificate department at Memorial Hermann is used solely to register the newborn baby with the Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics.

However, there are various methods that a parent may choose to receive a certified copy of a birth certificate. All of the methods require the applicant to send or provide the following information:

Full name listed on the birth record

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth (city, county)
  • Father's full name (last, first, middle)
  • Mother's full name (including her maiden name)
  • Reason for requesting the certificate 
  • Relationship to the person on the birth record
  • Daytime telephone number with area code
  • Complete return mailing address
  • Number of records requested
You must also provide:
  • Photo copy of a picture ID
  • Form of payment
  • Handwritten signature

Visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics website to learn how to get a certified copy of your newborn’s birth certificate.

Birth Certificate and Birth Registrar Information by County & Hospital

Get specific requirements and information about birth certificates by county and hospital: 

Birth Registrar Contact Information by Hospital

Learn More

Contact the Birth Registrar at your hospital with any questions. The Birth Registrar will submit the paperwork to the Vital Statistics Unit.