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How to Select a Pediatrician

Selecting the right pediatrician for you and your child is an important part of establishing good health for your baby. Take the questions below with you when selecting a pediatrician and compare answers from multiple physicians to find the right doctor for you and your family.

  1. How long have you been practicing?
  2. Do you have any subspecialties or clinical interests?
  3. What are your hours? Do you offer evenings or weekends?
  4. Do you offer same-day sick appointments? How far in advance do well appointments need to be scheduled?
  5. What if my baby gets sick when the office is closed? Who covers in an emergency if you aren’t on call?
  6. Is this a solo or group practice? If it’s solo, who covers when you are gone? If it’s a group, how often will we see you, and how often will we see other members?
  7. Do you have separate sick and well waiting rooms?
  8. Do you respond to questions by e-mail? Do you accept calls for routine and non-emergency questions? If I leave a message, how long does it usually take you to return the call?
  9. Will your initial meeting with my baby be at the hospital or the first checkup? What is your schedule for well-baby checkups?
  10. Will you discuss my child’s general growth and issues like discipline and social development?
  11. What are your views on… Bottle feeding? Circumcision? Parenting techniques? Getting babies to sleep? Alternative medicine? Antibiotics? Immunizations? Childhood obesity?
  12. What hospitals do you work with?
  13. Do you take my insurance? Is there an extra charge for…Advice calls during the day? Advice calls after hours? Medication refills? Filling out forms? Will any other fees apply?
  14. What are your policies for insurance claims, lab policies, payments and billing?
  15. What tests are handled in the office, and what is done elsewhere? Where?
  16. Find a Pediatrician
  17. Ready to look for a pediatrician? Search online for Houston-area pediatricians. Filter by gender, insurance, language and more.


Find a Pediatrician

Ready to look for a pediatrician? Search online for Houston-area pediatricians. Filter by gender, insurance and more.