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Labor and Delivery

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Third Trimester

Complete the key activities below during your third trimester of pregnancy (28 weeks through delivery). 

Review Consent Forms

Review and sign Consent Forms in person. Forms are provided online for you to review before visiting the Business Office to sign. Review consent forms.

Start Birth Certificate Worksheet

To get started on your baby's birth certificate, fill out the Birth Certificate Worksheet and drop off at the Business Office. Learn more about birth certificate and acknowledgement of paternity.

Complete Anesthesia Paperwork

Be sure to discuss your childbirth and anesthesia options with your doctor well before delivery. Call your hospital to fill out the required pre-anesthesia paperwork if required. Find your hospital's contact information

Get Lab Work 

If you are scheduled to have a C-section or an induction, you must have lab work done prior to your delivery. Call Pre-Admit Testing at your hospital to set up an appointment. Find your hospital's contact information

Learn About Newborn Paperwork

You might want to familiarize yourself with the state paperwork that will be filled out in the hospital pertaining to your newborn. Go now

Read Infant Security Guidelines

Read the Infant Security guidelines for techniques that can help prevent abduction of infants while in the hospital and once you take your child home. Read infant security guidelines.

Find A Pediatrician

It’s important that you have a pediatrician ready for your newborn by the seventh month of pregnancy. Use Memorial Hermann’s physician finder to find a pediatrician near you. Online scheduling is available 24/7 through ScheduleNow for select doctors. Get a checklist to use when selecting a pediatrician.

Take Birthing and Parenting Classes

Memorial Hermann offers classes on prepared childbirth breastfeeding, infant care, healthy pregnancy, and infant massage. We also offer classes for siblings and refresher courses for current parents. Find a class at your hospital and register online, or call (713) 222-CARE to register by phone.

You may also download a free copy of A New Beginning, Your Personal Guide to Postpartum Care anytime throughout your pregnancy or after. This booklet will help you prepare to care for yourself and your baby after birth including topics such as changes to expect after birth, breastfeeding, safe sleeping environment, and more. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you will approach your personal journey with confidence and a positive perspective.

Decide if You Intend to Breastfeed

You need to decide if you plan to exclusively breastfeed while in the hospital, assuming condition or circumstances of mom and/or baby post-delivery can accommodate breastfeeding . Skin-to-skin contact in the first hour of your baby’s life is called the Golden Hour. This time plays a key role in helping you and your baby become securely attached and promotes breastfeeding. Learn more about the Golden Hour at Memorial Hermann »

Pack for the Hospital

It's a good idea to pack two separate bags - one for labor and delivery and another for your after-delivery stay. Get a checklist of things to pack for your hospital stay.

Install Your Infant Car Seat

Install the infant car seat in the vehicle that will be transporting you and your newborn home after delivery.

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