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Labor & Delivery Memorial City

Women's Memorial Hermann at Memorial City Medical Center is an extraordinary facility designed to serve the unique healthcare needs of women and babies in a caring, compassionate, family-centered environment. The quality of your childbirth experience matters to us.

The Most Advanced Care in West Houston, Cy-Fair and Katy

Women's Memorial Hermann offers the most advanced, family-centered obstetrical care available in the west Houston, Cy-Fair and Katy areas, whether yours is a low-risk or high-risk pregnancy.

A Quiet, Healing Environment

Providing comfortable accommodations for our patients and their families is a primary focus in the layout of our birthing floors and neonatal units. Special attention has been given to create a quiet, healing environment. To ensure our patients receive the rest and privacy they need, we have implemented "quiet time" from 2 to 4 p.m. Patients can use this time as they please; however, rest and bonding is encouraged.

Leading Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

We are also home to a leading Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) supported by leading experts at Children's Memorial Hermann, and a maternal fetal medicine program staffed by distinguished specialists from McGovern Medical School at UTHealth.

You Choose How to Give Birth

The choice of "natural" birth without the use of any pain medications is available. But rest assured, you have the option at any time to request and receive pain medication as directed by your doctor, if needed.

Private Labor, Delivery and Recovery Suites

Each of our 21 specially designed, private labor suites is equipped to accommodate the entire birth process through recovery. The mother has her choice of having two attending support people who are encouraged to take an active role during labor and delivery.

Delivery by C-Section

Whether cesarean birth is planned or unexpected, our surgical suites provide the latest technology together with a staff of specially trained experts. If surgery is planned, be sure to bring a copy of your prenatal record and laboratory reports with you to the hospital. As part of our family-centered approach to childbirth, the father or coach may accompany the mother into surgery, with doctor approval.

Fertility Services

Women have access to comprehensive infertility services on the Memorial City campus and in the west Houston area. Affiliated infertility specialists focus not only on diagnosis and effective treatment, but also on the emotional well-being and privacy of each patient. Available infertility treatments include hormonal therapies, drug therapies and in-vitro fertilization.

After Giving Birth

After delivering your baby, you will be moved into a private room on our postpartum unit to rest and recover. As soon as your physician allows, you may order something to eat and nurses will bring your baby to you in your room. Each of our 37 private postpartum rooms provides comfortable amenities for the patient and family, including sleeper sofa, adjustable lighting, television, DVD and CD electronic system, and Internet. The mother's support people are encouraged to act as the primary caregivers for her infant while in the hospital.

Well Baby Nursery

Our 48-bed Well Baby Nursery is staffed with specially trained and highly experienced prenatal nurses who provide constant attention to each infant in their care. In keeping with our family-centered approach to childbirth, well babies join their mothers as soon as possible.


The state-of-the-art 24-bed Level III Kate Lindig Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is located on the floor directly above Women's Memorial Hermann and is capable of the highest level of clinical care for high-risk newborns, including 24/7 in-house neonatology services.

A multidisciplinary team combines their expertise to provide optimal care for each baby and each family.

All-Private Patient Rooms

All-private patient rooms accommodate multiples with a family zone equipped for sleeping, and signature amenities such as private refrigerator and wireless Internet access. Additional amenities include shower room, nutrition room and comfortable lounging spaces.

Transitional Care (Mommy/baby Friendly)

We are a mommy/baby friendly facility and offer transition care in the labor and delivery unit for mothers who are interested. In order to encourage a mommy/baby friendly environment we immediately place the newborn on mom after delivery and do not remove until the completion of first breast feeding. Once this has taken place the infant will be taken to the Well Baby Nursery for a thorough exam and will be returned to mom's postpartum room upon completion.

If cleared by your doctor, you may choose to have your baby in the room with you at all times. Family members are encouraged to act as the primary caregivers for their infants while in the hospital.

Close contact between mother and child in the first days following birth is proven to be beneficial in synchronizing feeding and rest patterns, and establishing breast milk production. Babies who are close to their mothers are more content, cry less often, and rest better.

Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding can be one of the most beneficial things you do for your baby, but oftentimes is a challenging process. In addition to providing a special time of bonding, breastfeeding reduces your child's risk of infections while helping your body recover from the stress of pregnancy, labor and delivery. 

To help ensure rewarding breastfeeding experience, our certified lactation consultants provide guidance through regularly scheduled classes, and one-on-one assistance during your hospital stay. Learn more about lactation classes.

Capturing memories

Your baby's first pictures will always be cherished. For your convenience, a professional photographer specializing in newborn portraits will be available to photograph your baby with your permission. Pictures are available for purchase from the photographer, and photos will also be posted on our secure Web site where family and friends may view them. To learn more about these services, please call (713) 242-3802 . Visit the newborn nursery.

Contact Us

For a physician referral or to request more information, call (713) 222-CARE (2273) .

Women's Memorial Hermann
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
921 Gessner Road
Houston, Texas  77024
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