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What to Expect When You Go Into Labor

Check-in at the Memorial Hermann Tower

When you go into labor, call your obstetrician if he or she has asked you to do so. There is no need to call the hospital — just come in immediately.

Check-in at Women's Memorial Hermann. Do not go to the ER. Family members and guests may check in at the security desk.

After Check-in

You will be immediately triaged according to your condition. Patients who believe they are in labor or are having problems during pregnancy are evaluated here. The information discussed between you and the care provider is of a sensitive nature, thus only one person may be with you during the evaluation.

Birth Certificate

During your stay, information will provided on completing the birth certificate, obtaining a certified copy of a birth certificate, or establishing paternity if you are unmarried.

Security for Mom and Baby

Many precautions have been put in place for the safety and security of you and your baby. You will be wearing matching identification bands and the baby will have a security tag (“Hugs and Kisses”) that monitors location at all times. The “Hugs and Kisses” security system insures the highest hospital security for you and your newborn. Both Women’s and Children’s Memorial Hermann units provide a secure area with all entrances and exits monitored, and security cameras throughout the unit.

Going Home

Most new mothers are discharged 24 to 72 hours after delivery. At that time, you will receive written discharge instructions and information about follow-up care for you and your baby. A nurse from the birth certificate office will contact you before you leave Women’s Memorial Hermann. Be sure to have your infant’s car seat with you at the hospital before you leave.