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Labor and Delivery

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Labor & Delivery

There is nothing more exciting than the birth of a baby. At Memorial Hermann, it’s our goal to make every childbirth experience as memorable and positive as possible.

Our skilled affiliated medical professionals and nurses will provide you and your baby with award-winning care in a safe, nurturing environment. From informative parenting classes to beautiful, private birthing suites, Memorial Hermann has it all.

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Private Labor and Delivery Rooms

Our private labor and delivery rooms feature superior quality clinical equipment in addition to amenities for convenience and comfort. After your delivery, you’ll enjoy our family-centered care, which features a rooming-in option for spending this special time with a loved one. You and your newborn will have the same nurses throughout your stay.

Breastfeeding Support

Research shows that breastfeeding benefits both babies and their mothers. It reduces your child’s risk for developing many types of infections and helps you recover from the stress of pregnancy, labor and delivery. Our in-house lactation consultants are available to offer advice and instruction before delivery and during your hospital stay.

Before delivery, we offer regularly scheduled classes about breastfeeding. During your stay with us, we offer bedside consultations. If you have questions related to breastfeeding or need help beginning and maintaining lactation, we have experts to assist you during your hospital stay as well as on an outpatient basis at some Memorial Hermann locations.

Texas Ten Step Program

A Texas Ten Step Facility, as designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services, our international board-certified lactation experts are available for one-on-one consultations to assist mothers with any questions they may have or address their special needs.

Childbirth Education and Classes

At Memorial Hermann Hospital, you’ll find experts skilled at teaching about labor, delivery, breastfeeding, infant care and transitioning your newborn into the family. Board-certified nurses, lactation consultants and childbirth educators provide instruction before delivery, and personalized care and guidance during your hospital stay.

We offer childbirth preparation classes, breastfeeding support classes, sibling classes and newborn care classes. For more information or to register, call (713) 222-CARE or view the class offerings online.

You may also download a free copy of A New Beginning, Your Personal Guide to Postpartum Care anytime throughout your pregnancy or after. This booklet will help you prepare to care for yourself and your baby after birth including topics such as changes to expect after birth, breastfeeding, safe sleeping environment, and more. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you will approach your personal journey with confidence and a positive perspective.


Pre-registration is required before your admission for delivery. Please pre-register online or at Memorial Hermann before 28 weeks of pregnancy.

The Golden Hour

Sharing the first hour of your baby’s life will create memories that last a lifetime. The best place for your baby to be for this first hour is in your arms, close to your heart! These precious moments should be treasured, for this is truly “The Golden Hour.” As you gaze  into each other’s eyes, hold, touch and talk to your new baby, your heart will be filled with love and joy as you experience a beautiful beginning of this lifelong bond.

This Golden Hour should be spent holding skin to skin. All babies and mothers benefit from skin to skin care. It is so important that we want to do everything we can to provide you with the opportunity of sharing this special time with your newborn together as a new family in our Family Birth Center.

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